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Growing Up in Idaho - Playing Army with Real Guns

As an adventurous kid, making forts was a big deal. My brother Mikey and I had a total of two tree houses and we also built a few make-shift pillbox forts for times we didn’t feel like climbing trees to hide out. Also, our friend Richard came to visit in the summer and the tree houses were not big enough to hold three growing boys and all their sleeping gear, knives, guns, and candy.
In the early 1970’s, the new and bigger Saveway Market opened in Salmon. They sold donuts in their new bakery for $.10 apiece. Those glazed goodies were the best tasting food we had ever eaten and we could not eat enough of them. The first week after the store opened, they were giving those donuts away for free. We boys ate enough of them to put the store out of business! It wasn’t long before the nice lady behind the counter told us to get lost and stop eating all the free donuts.
Even though there was plenty to do, boredom often set in and caused us boys to look for mischief. Mildly harassing other f…

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